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To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to make a complaint against a certain bailiff, court officer William Donahue who works at the Family & Probate Court located at 121 3rd Street Cambridge Ma. On Tuesday, September 15th at 9 a.m. an incident occurred, in which Mr. Donahue acted extremely unprofessional. His behavior on this day, has now severely impacted my life, both personally, and financially.

I was scheduled for a court hearing with D.O.R., and their office. This was to contest the amount of child support that was not credited when my case was transferred to Ma., from N.H.. So basically the case was with D.O.R., and therefore there was no reason for the other party to be present, whatsoever. So on this morning I proceeded to stand in the check line for that day. While standing there one of the case workers (who was going up and down the line) handed me some of the paperwork that is required to be filled out before your hearing. After the both of us looked around and scanned the area quickly, he instructed and told me to sit down at a certain table, the table I was standing directly in front of. The courtroom was exceptionally overcrowded on that day, more than normal, and a lot more than I had ever seen. The table was pretty much filled and there was no chair to sit down at. I then found a chair around the corner, and proceeded to bring and sit down at the table. As I am placing my bag on the table, and proceeding to sit and fill out the paperwork, I hear someone say something to me. I look up while in the process of sitting, and see Joseph Orlando at the other end of the same table. He was sitting at the opposite corner, and had uttered the word "***" to me. At this exact moment I was on my cell phone earpiece with my wife and she also heard Joseph utter these words. I then hung up the phone and sat down. Joseph (Joe) Orlando said "u r a little ***". I then said back "yup ok, that's why you need to keep making false allegations, and filing for bogus restraining orders". From there on, no more words were exchanged or spoken. Meanwhile Enid Orlando was nowhere to be seen or found, she was not present whatsoever, and she certainly was not there while Joe and I said what we said. However all of a sudden, almost like clockwork, almost like it was planned, Mr.'s Enid Orlando showed up. She walked around the table over to Joe. From there, they proceeded to whisper back and forth to each other. At that point Enid walked over to a court officer/bailiff. This bailiff, (now known to be Court Officer William Donohue) then proceeded to walk over to me at started to yell directly at me. He told me "to move, and move now". I said ok, no problem sir. At this point I had all my folders on the table, the paperwork, and several pens, etc… he then proceeded to very loudly repeat several more times at me " to move", "move now I said", "you aren't moving fast enough". I then said "sir, please relax, chill, I am moving as fast as I can". He then said "you talking back to me" "are you?", "are you?", "I will violate you, I will violate, your ***, Right now". I stated "No, sir I am just trying to move and get out of here as fast as I can". At that point I had extreme anxiety, and was exceptionally nervous that this guy was going to do everything in his power to get me arrested and flaunt his power. Then, in my head I kept thinking rationally, that I didn't do anything wrong, and even if he tried to, even if he lied, that there was no way reasonably possible, that I could be arrested, for what happened, even if they lied, or exaggerated. I still never even made eye contact with the accuser, Mrs. Orlando. Plus I was at an open courthouse on the day I have a scheduled trial. So I was nervous, still thinking the worse because I knew that Officer Donahue was going to talk to the police officer and say just about everything possible, except the truth. This was before the officer's had even arrived, however this is what was running through my mind. It must have been a premonition, because twenty five to thirty minutes later. I was tapped on the shoulder by a Cambridge police officer, and who else but Officer Donahue. Two police officers had arrived, one went upstairs to get their "Version" of the "incident", and Officer Donahue had followed that particular officer. The one that went upstairs. I knew this was so he could throw in his 2 cents about the alleged "incident". I looked up and could see all of them huddled together, and saying god knows what to that particular officer, with Bailiff Donahue right in the middle of it all, adding whatever he could. This went on for about 20-25 minutes. Which at the time I knew was not good, and that I was going to get unjustly persecuted for something, that I am sure Enid made up. This had to be the fact, because as I Stated I never spoke to anyone while even in her presence. Other than her lying there is no way that the Officer could make a legitimate arrest. Sure enough as the younger officer came down the stairs and spoke briefly with his partner, I was handcuffed in the middle of the courthouse, in front of hundreds, and escorted out to the patty wagon. The senior officer, whom had spoken with me in for the whole 25-30 minutes, had made communication several times with the police station. Each time he clearly stated that both parties where here for a court date appearance and that there seemed to be no violation here. He was reinforcing our discussion by insinuating (to the station) that if; even for a split second, we were within the 50 yards (or so, stated on the R.O.) that it would be irrelevant, criminally. Merely for the simple fact that even Officer Donahue did not state to witnessing as much. Also it becomes a "he said, she said" kind of matter, because an imaginary line was unintentionally crossed. So unless it was/is on camera, and there is some way to precisely measure and show that at the exact moment in time, when Mrs. Orlando returned from the bathroom, that the specific boundary was compromised, it would remain a "he said, she said" kind of matter. However when the younger officer came down the stairs, you could tell his mind was already made. I thoroughly expected the senior officer to speak on my behalf and relay the statements, and conversation we had just had together, to his partner. This way the 2 officers could then exchange both sides' versions of the events, weigh both sides of the stories, and therefore, come to an appropriate decision. However this did not happen. I was not asked what happened by anyone, not even by the officer with whom I was talking with. Nor was I allowed to say anything on my behalf.

The bottom line Here is,???? I was wrongfully accused, and then wrongfully arrested! This mostly because of, the ego of a power flaunting, chip on his shoulder bad attitude and biased court officer, who obviously does not know how to treat a normal person with the dignity and respect they deserve. Once again as I have stated, he did not act like a professional in any matter whatsoever. He acted more like a street thug, or hoodlum.

I don't know why, why someone like him and others choose to act the way they do, to certain people? Maybe it is my looks which he and others may misconstrue negatively. I am often stereotyped because I am shaven bald with a goatee and have a heavy build. It is Society however, that has instilled these ideas, thoughts, conceptions and preconceived notions in each and every one of us. This is also, substantially influenced by an individual's upbringing; by the way they grew up, how they were raised. Then their current and immediate surroundings have the most influence on the present, the here and now. They way they choose to carry and handle themselves on a day to day basis. We were taught right from wrong, it is just a matter of how one chooses to self interpret it. From here and from this is what decides our behavior.

So on this day in particular, was the side of the pretty petite distressed brunette, taken over and before that of him, who could be interpreted as an intimidating bald 5'10" 235lb defendant looking??? ---------------------THAT DAY, I believe they were!

An additional note is that while I was being handcuffed, each one of his fellow officers looked at me several times, with their own disbelief, shaking their heads and even mouthing the words "sorry", while shrugging his shoulders. One officer in particular, who was a very decent individual had assured me as I was walking down the stairs that everything is fine, and going to be ok, not to worry, just stay down here, finish filling out your paperwork, and I will come down and get you when they call your case. All court officers must know that, not everyone who walks through those doors is a DEADBEAT DAD, or a ***. What Mrs. Orlando and her husband did, by going over to this particular bailiff is no surprise. She has made several attempts in the last 6 years to have me violated on a R.O... The only difference here is she finally found an authority figure with as little integrity, self respect and honesty as herself.

They behavior she has displayed in the past, and recently done, and continues to display, I expect. I expect this from a vicious, money hungry, vindictive ex-girlfriend, and her greedy new husband. Ones who live an extremely alternative lifestyle, in many ways, the most significant are being that they are sexual swingers.

- However I certainly do not expect, nor do I assume others would expect to be so disgustingly treated and verbally abused by a civil servant, and a court officer, who should at the very least realize that every day and time at court is a stressful one on its own.


Review about: Unprofessional Building Services.



The twisted person who wrote this article has a severe mental illnesses, continues to blame others for his actions, is currently in jail, and probably will be for a while.


Typical of a bitter woman to act like this. This just proves that inside she resents you and in the end it is her that loses and her husband who thinks she is over you. A woman who is not scorned moves on and this one hasnt'.

Naha-Shi, Okinawa, Japan #81257

Wow, you're an ***.

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